Welcome to my blog! Here is my little intro. I hope you’ll find here what you are looking for
My name is Maria. Iam based in Lahore, After completion of my Masters in business Admin, I decided to initiate a business on my own
Baking got my serious attention a few years ago. When I first baked a pound cake and over time baking became my true love and mind-occupying obsession. Now it is more than a hobby. Following the passion, I love to play with colors peeking into my child hood nostalgic memories coloring was my favorite.
I love to design any thing from indoor out door designing or let it be designing to designing a cake or a dessert sky is the limit.
Nature is my best friend , I embark on a roller coaster of ideas whether its a symmetry of a leaf ,colors of rainbow or shades of ocean, every thing provides me with an idea.
Made to order freshly baked goods. line of desserts pastas pizza’s and low fat options and more. I
think it was a fortunate flow of events, I’ve never compromised the taste for the look.

This blog is all about food, fun. recipes, experiences baking /cooking blunders and how to fix them. I highly welcome input from my reader’s  where we can, explore recipes ,solve problems, brainstorm on different matters so o and so forth.



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